We Are QDEK: Roofing Adhesive, But Smarter

We Are QDEK: Roofing Adhesive, But Smarter

We are QDEK: pioneers and purveyors of roofing adhesives that are simply smarter than the rest. However, we’re more than just another bonding brand. We are true innovators in what we do, making thousands of roofing contractors’ jobs easier with faster, cleaner and safer processes. 


We’re starting a revolution in roofing with systems that are tried, tested and guaranteed to stand the test of time. But what’s our story? It’s simple, but no less interesting. The idea behind our solutions was championed by one forward-thinking chemist who saw the need for cleaner, more efficient processes in the installation of flat roofing membranes.


After lots of research and development, QDEK entered the roofing adhesives market with some of the industry’s top talent and expertise. As a sub-brand of Quin Global, we took inspiration from some of the finest minds in adhesive engineering, harnessing the world’s largest knowledge resource to make trusted, verified roofing solutions. Each of our systems have been developed in-house at the world-leading laboratories of Quin Global. Impressed much?

Discover Smarter Roofing Adhesives

Here at QDEK, we understand the challenges our customers face every day when taking care of roofing jobs –  including the bonding or single ply membranes, insulation boards, self-adhesive membranes or vapour control layers. We’re making these tasks easier and less impactful to physical health with solutions that are significantly cleaner in composition when compared to traditional liquids or roll-on adhesives.


So – what separates us from other roofing adhesives in the market? Well, there’s a few things that make us unique and trusted by thousands of contactors around the world:


  • The Canister: It’s more than just a canister. It’s a specially engineered system that has been precision-engineered to remove the need to use traditional methods of bonding which are time consuming, messy & wasteful. Forget waiting around on roofing – our innovative canister-based system allows the user complete control over their adhesive application (available in 13.7ltr and 22ltr canister systems).


  • Increased Coverage: Our canister system guarantees easier application and smoother, more equalised spread of adhesive. However, they also offer a rate of coverage which is unrivalled. Roofing contractors can apply the solution up to 600m wide in one pass, covering large areas at an impressive rate. To boost that efficiency even further, you only need to apply the glue onto one surface with our single-sided fleeceback membrane adhesives & self-adhesive primer.


  • Reliable Formula: If you’re working with roofing, it’s safe to say you’ll need an adhesive that offers ultimate reliability under the toughest of conditions. With this in mind, QDEK has developed a totally unique cold weather formula, working below 5 degrees celsius with phenomenal results, giving increased flexibility and the ability to apply adhesive all year round. Don’t let the cold weather get in the way!


  • Quick Dry: There’s nothing worse than waiting for adhesive to dry. Trust us – we’ve spent lots of time doing that. Luckily for roofing contractors, QDEK’s formula has been laboratory-proven to almost eliminate the time spent waiting for glue to tack. Where with roll on adhesives you can be waiting up to 25 minutes or more, QDEK® can tack off in as little as 2 minutes. Just enough time to get the kettle on.

Regardless of the roofing job at hand, we’ve got the spray adhesive and primer you need to do the job well and efficiently. Stay tuned with the QDEK blog to learn more about our products, tips and company announcements!


Smarter Roofing Adhesives: It’s a QDEK Thing


Interested in joining the roofer’s revolution? We thought so. Make the move to canister with QDEK’s industry-leading range of roofing adhesives and you’ll never look back. To find the right QDEK product for view, view our full range or contact us and a member of the team will be happy to help.