What is QDEK?

QDEK is a dynamic manufacturer of adhesive systems: designed to make flat roofing faster, easier and smarter. The QDEK concept was conceived by a forward-thinking chemist who saw the need for faster, cleaner, and safer processes in the installation of flat roofing membranes. 

Our Promise: faster, cleaner, safer single-ply roofing every time.

Our System: a rapid, high performance canister and gun delivering adjustable and controllable coverage of up to 600mm wide in one pass.

Our Solution: an innovative range of spray adhesives and primers specifically engineered to bond flat roof membranes, insulation boards, self-adhesive membranes, and vapour control layers in flat roofing application.

Our team of industry experts have reimagined roofing and gone back to the drawing board to develop a transformative spray adhesive system. We know roofing & we’re on a mission to formulate the most tested, trusted adhesives in the industry.We’ve engineered products with roofers in mind: resulting in unique spray adhesive systems that are not only rapid drying, but compatible with a wide range of flat roof decks and 100% safer than hot works. Our programme of rigorous research, development and testing has produced a range of smart adhesives that tack off in less than 2 minutes & perform exceptionally in cold weather.