What is QDEK?

The QDEK® concept was conceived by a forward thinking chemist who saw the need for a faster, cleaner and safer process in the installation of flat roofing membrane.


QDEK® is a revolutionary range of spray adhesives and primers designed specifically for the bonding of single ply membranes, insulation boards and self adhesive membranes or vapour control layers in flat roofing applications. Available in 13.7ltr and 22ltr canister systems, QDEK® delivers a fast, high coverage and clean application compared to traditional liquid or roll on adhesives.


The canister system removes the need to use traditional methods of bonding which are time consuming, messy and wasteful. As QDEK® is a spray adhesive, the user is in full control of the application of adhesive, and can apply the glue up to 600mm wide in one pass, covering large areas at a rapid rate. Furthermore, you only need to apply the glue onto one surface, with our single sided fleeceback membrane adhesives and self adhesive primer.


Our unique formulations have been proven to almost eliminate the time spent waiting for glue to tack; where with roll on adhesives you can be waiting up to 25 minutes or more, QDEK® can tack off in as little as 2 mins.


With our cold weather formula, you can confidently apply the QDEK® adhesive below 5 degrees celsius with phenomenal results, giving increased flexibility and the ability to apply adhesive all year round.


QDEK® is guaranteed to speed up installation, reduce adhesive application time and drastically reduce tack time, whilst delivering peace of mind through superior bond performance.