Discover Cleaner Application with QDEK® Adhesives

Bonding doesn’t have to be bothersome. Regardless of the roofing job you’re working on, the fact remains: working with traditional adhesives can be a messy experience. Here at QDEK®, we’re helping our customers wave goodbye to messy jobs with a revolutionary canister spray system that offers cleaner, neater applications. Who said roofing could be so easy?

Working with the installation of flat roofing membranes carries a number of risks. Indeed, working with such membranes requires an adhesive spread that is even, accurate and specifically designed for that application. Luckily, roofing contractors can achieve cleaner applications with QDEK®.

Tired of Messy Jobs? It’s Time for QDEK

Here at QDEK®, we understand the challenges our customers face when dealing with single ply membranes, insulation boards and self adhesive membranes or vapour control layers in flat roofing applications. That’s why we’ve developed a system that guarantees a safer, smarter and cleaner finish:

– Canister Power: We believe it’s time that roofing contractors moved away from tiresome, traditional tools like roll-on brushes. We’ve driven research & development to make roofing easier with our revolutionary canister-based system. Available in 13.7ltr and 22ltr canister systems, QDEK® pledges faster, higher coverage with the cleanest application on the market.

– Reduced Product Wastage: We are passionate about contributing towards a cleaner, greener roofing industry, using technological innovation to reduce adhesive waste. Our sleek gun, nozzle and canister combo gives you ultimate control over the release of adhesive, meaning you only use the amount required. 

– Reduced Time Wastage: When roofing contractors make the move to our canister system, they remove the need for traditional bonding methods which are time consuming and tedious. Through the power of spray, we’re making roofing faster, smarter and simpler, one perfect job at a time. Forget waiting on your solution to work – you can tack off in as little as 2 minutes!

– Total Control: When working with flat roofing membranes, you need accuracy and equality in your spread. Proceed with confidence in your ability to provide consistent coverage, with our systems allowing you to cover 600mm in one pass, so you can cover more space in less time. Furthermore, you only need to apply the glue onto one surface with our single sided fleeceback membrane adhesives and self adhesive primer!

– Redefining ‘Clean’: Our primers & adhesives have been developed with clean application in mind. However, QDEK® is cleaner in more ways than one. We’re making roofing work safer and cleaner with a commitment to our users’ health, reducing the use of chlorine, dichloromethane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) wherever possible.

Successful roofing jobs require adhesive application that is even, considered and specifically engineered. We’re offering roofing contractors just that with a world-leading range of solutions.

Depart from the Traditional 

Wave goodbye to messy roofing jobs. When you choose QDEK®, you invest in getting that bonding job done right the first time with faster installation, less adhesive application time and drastically reduced tack time, delivering peace of mind through superior bond performance.

It’s time to join the Roofer’s Revolution!

Forget the Mess: Choose QDEK

Enjoy rapid, permanent and reliable bonds with a formula that is tried, trusted and acutely engineered at the pioneering laboratories of Quin Global. To find out more about our cleaner application with QDEK, get in touch with our expert team who will be happy to assist. Alternatively, view our full range of smarter, cleaner roofing adhesives.