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We are talking roofing today. Did you know we have a whole range of adhesives for roofing solutions that were developed by a forward-thinking chemist? No? Our adhesives are all about the science! I’m not talking high school science where you did experiments on the bunsen burner, however much fun they were! I’m talking proper science where we develop the best solutions for our customers by using cutting edge technology that ensures all our adhesives are easier and more effective to use.

Not only do we provide adhesives that are at the cutting edge of science, we also work with you in refining and developing our core products to better suit your needs. Interested in how the process works? Why not have a look at our Research and Development Managers blog on how he develops our products.

All the products that are part of our Q Dek range are 57% faster than the old system of a roller and bucket.  They are also a 100% safer than using hotworks and have a guaranteed coverage with zero wastage. Our main aim in developing our products is to make everyone’s lives that little bit easier and more time productive. Going back to the science part, this is why we are always continually testing our products so that we are producing products which are first class performers. With cutting edge technology and safety at the forefront of everything we do our products are continually evolving and like all good scientists we continually strive for improvement.

Our 7 top tips for anyone using our canister roofing system.

1.      Once guns and hoses are connected to the canister for the first time, never turn the canister valve off throughout its useful life – this will stop adhesive curing in the hose and the hose becoming blocked – this will extend the life of the spray equipment.

2.      Ensure all gun and hose connections are tight prior to use – this will stop any leaks during the use of this product.

3.      Always use the adjustment wheel behind the trigger on the spray gun – this allows users to adjust the width of the spray pattern to suit the size of the area they are spraying on – you can achieve a spray width from 1” up to 20” giving users full flexibility and control.

4.      Setting the width of the spray pattern according to the size of the spray area reduces the likelihood of overspray. This reduces wastage and means the adhesive will go further.

5.      When using polyurethane based products always use the spray solvent cleaners provided to maintain equipment – before putting the spray gun down, give the spray tip a spray with solvent cleaner to ensure the gun is ready for use next time – this stops the tips curing up and saves downtime.

6.      Take the time out to ensure all substrates such as membranes and insulation boards are free of dirt and debris prior to bonding. This will ensure optimum bond strength and performance.

7.      For optimum performance use canisters in temperatures above 5 degrees celsius

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There are 8 products to our roofing range that are either contact single sided adhesives or roof insulation adhesives. For further information on the range click here




We will also be attending the RCI Show on the 1st and 2nd November in Coventry where we will be exhibiting all the Q Dek products. If you are Interested in meeting any of the sales team at the show, then please get in touch using the contact details below or using the booking page here.

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