Putting Contractors First: Introducing QDEK ‘Healthy Adhesives’

Here at QDEK, we’re serious about safety. We value our customers, and we know the challenges you face on the job – so we’ve put in a bit of work behind the scenes to bring you the cleanest adhesives in roofing. We’ve developed ‘Healthy Adhesives’ that pose minimal impact to your well being – trusted, tested and developed by experts with you in mind.

We know the risks that roofers face when it comes to working with harmful solvents. Of course, you should always wear the recommended PPE – but many contractors find it’s not always practical when they’re sizzling high upon a roof in hot weather, and we get that. That’s why you can rest assured if you see the ‘Healthy Adhesives’ stamp on our products, the winning formula has been improved and refined through Quin Global’s Innovation Department.

All products with the ‘Healthy Adhesive’ symbol represent QDEK’s commitment to making products cleaner, safer alternatives to harmful compounds like dichloromethane. These adhesives have been through a programme of vigorous testing and improvement to achieve non-chlorinated formulas and the reduction of carcinogenic elements & Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Here’s some of our most popular products with the stamp of healthy excellence:

– QDEK 2301 NC PVC Membrane Contact Adhesive: The quickest and safest way to bond plain PVC flat roofing membranes? This is it! QDEK 2301 is non-chlorinated and features top-class specs: high grab, 100% plasticiser resistant and a rapid flash-off time of 2-3 minutes. Why risk your health when you can get tested and trusted solutions with QDEK?

QDEK 2400 Self Adhesive Membrane Primer: The fastest, most versatile primer in roofing. Not only is this spray primer Non-MECL – it’s dry in 1-2 minutes and can be walked over with no transfer to boots or equipment. One 22L canister of this non-chlorinated formula covers a massive 280m2. It’s a no brainer – get QDEK 2400 in your kit and you’ll never look back.

QDEK 2352 NC Fleece-Backed Field Area Adhesive: This 100% waterproof adhesive is non-chlorinated and compatible with all fleeceback membranes. What’s more, it’s single sided too, so you’ll get the job done in half the time. QDEK 2352 has an impressive VOC content of less than 160g per litre: that’s seriously low. This ‘Healthy Adhesive’ is a real game changer when it comes to fleece and scrim backed bonding – give it a try!

Join the Roofing Revolution with QDEK and try our innovative products that aren’t just cleaner – they do the job better. We value contractors and we’ve designed bonding solutions to transform the way you work. If you’re a contractor interested in healthier adhesives, Contact Us or browse our full product range here.