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We pride ourselves on identifying the problems roofers face and making sure we have products which are equipped to stand up to, and overcome these to deliver every single time.

Its because of this, we created our manufacturer commitment DREAM, DEVELOP, DELIVER.


This process is about helping our clients realise their aspirations and ambitions around the application of spray adhesives in their sectors. We document those aspirations forming a visual criteria of actions to complete and enable their Dream to become a reality. The criteria list clearly defines the areas to Develop, whether it be to create a new innovative adhesive product, a specific colour of adhesive, or even a brand-new application method. Now we must Deliver – deliver is not just the delivery of the finished product, but the overall package of support, training and backup, along with a powerful marketing strategy, to ensure peace of mind and make it as easy as possible for our clients to do business.


Below are some of the common challenges roofers face and after thorough development, the QDEK product we recommended as a solution.

ChallengeQDEK Spray Adhesive Solution
Hand Applied Adhesive – cures in the tin creating wastageCanister system is fully sealed meaning it is impossible for the adhesive to cure inside, which gives zero wastage
Hand Applied adhesive – messy, uncontrollable applicationCanister spray gun has an adjustment wheel allowing the user to increase or reduce the width of the spray pattern to suit the size of the area – it is fully controllable and highly adjustable
Hand applied adhesive – takes a long time to apply; on average takes 35 seconds to apply 7sqm of adhesive.Canister adhesive – very quick application – takes 15 seconds to apply 7sqm of adhesive which is 57% faster than hand applied adhesive.
Hand Applied – long flash off times of 20 mins or moreCanister Adhesive - Has 1-3 minute flash off time.
EPS/Polystyrene – solvents present in many hand applied adhesives can react and melt Polystyrene/EPS insulationCanister Adhesive – QD2000, QD2003 and QD2400 products are EPS and Polystyrene compatible
PVC Membranes – PVC membranes contain high levels of plasticiser. The solvents present in many adhesives can react with the plasticiser causing plasticiser migration where the plasticiser is drawn out of the membrane into the adhesive bond line – overtime the bond line softens and becomes gungy causing the bond line to come apart and deteriorateCanister Adhesive – QD2300, QD2301 and QD2350 products are 100% Plasticiser resistant against migration
MECL – this is a harmful solvent present in many adhesives which has a high health risk to users and carries a risk phrase “may cause cancer” which is alarming to users.Canister Adhesive – QD2000, QD2003 and QD2400 are all Non MECL spray adhesives

If you want to talk to us about any issues you face or have any specific product requirements then get in touch with us and we will be able to take through our customer journey of Dream, Develop, Deliver, ensuring you have a system that is right for you.



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