The simplest form of technology is the development and use of basic tools. However, the latest innovations in spray adhesive technology have enabled the increased efficiency and productivity in fully-adhered roofing systems within the Flat Roofing Industry. Our cutting-edge spray adhesives are 57% faster than hand-applied adhesive; this showcases just how effective technology can be when applied to the development of products.

In today’s article, we are talking about old technology versus new technology. Why waste time and effort using outdated technologies such as roller or brush applied adhesives? Make a smart choice to ensure the job is easier and faster by choosing high-performance roofing spray adhesives from QDEK.

How can spray adhesive change your lives?

All the products that are part of our QDEK range are 57% faster than the traditional roller and bucket adhesives. QDEK adhesives are also safer than using hot works, offer guaranteed coverage rates along with zero wastage. Our main aim in developing spray adhesives is to make everyone’s lives that little bit easier and more time productive.
Hand-applied adhesives take a long time to apply, for example, on average, it takes 35 seconds to apply 7sqm of adhesive. Spray Adhesives are ultra-fast in the application as it takes only 15 seconds to apply 7sqm of spray adhesive, which is 57% faster than hand-applied adhesives.

Another issue with hand-applied adhesives is they are messy and uncontrollable in the application. Our canister spray guns have an adjustment wheel that allows the user to increase or reduce the width of the spray pattern to suit the size of the area to be sprayed. The user then has full controllability and adjustability. Hand-applied methods also have long flash off times of 20 mins or more, whereas our canister adhesives only have 1-3 minute flash off time. Hand-applied adhesives cure quickly in the tin which creates wastage. The solution to this is using the QDEK spray adhesive system, which is fully sealed, meaning it is impossible for the adhesive to cure inside, which gives zero wastage.

Want no more plasticiser migration?

PVC membranes contain high levels of plasticiser. For roofers, this can cause issues as the solvents present in many adhesives can react with it. Plasticiser migration can then be caused where the plasticiser is drawn out of the membrane into the adhesive bond line. Over time the bond line softens and becomes gungy, causing the bond line to come apart and deteriorate. The solution for this is using canister adhesive products QD2300, QD2301 and QD2350, which are 100% plasticiser resistant against migration.

No more worries when it comes to health concerns

Another challenge roofers face is using products that are high in MECL, which is a harmful solvent present in many adhesives. MECL has a high health risk to users and carries a risk phrase ‘may cause cancer’ which is alarming. Our QDEK roofing adhesives QD2000, QD2003 and QD2400 are all Non MECL spray adhesives which are overall better for the user and the natural environment.

In conclusion, technology wins the day!

When it comes to technology, it gives us the ability to make smarter choices which in turn enables us to achieve higher productivity and output. QDEK roofing adhesives take the hassle out of roofing installations giving you a solution that is Easier. Faster. Smarter. Interested in finding out more? Come see a demonstration and meet the team at the National Roofing Cladding and Insulation (RCI) Show at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on 25th and 26th March 2020.

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