QDEK 2400 Video Tutorial

Top Tips

  • Once guns and hoses are connected to the canister for the first time, never turn the canister valve off throughout its useful life – this will stop adhesive curing in the hose and the hose becoming blocked – this will extend the life of the spray equipment.
  • Ensure all gun and hose connections are tight prior to use – this will stop any leaks when product is in use
  • Always use the adjustment wheel behind the trigger on the spray gun – this allows users to adjust the width of the spray pattern to suit the size of the area they are spraying on – you can achieve a spray width from 1” up to 20” giving users flexibility and full controllability.
  • Setting the width of the spray pattern according to the size of the spray area reduces the likelihood of overspray- this reduces wastage and means the glue will go further
  • When using Polyurethane based products always use the spray solvent cleaners provided to maintain equipment – before putting the spray gun down, give the spray tip a spray with solvent cleaner to ensure the gun is ready for use next time – this stops the tips curing up and saves downtime.
  • Take the time out to ensure all substrates (this would be membranes and insulation boards when applied to roofing) are free of dirt and debris prior to bonding -this will ensure optimum bond strength and performance.
  • For optimum performance use canisters in temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius
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