The Ultimate Zero Waste Adhesive Range

QDEK adhesives are known for being rapid, high-coverage bonding solutions that hold. But did you know that they have serious zero waste credentials too?  Our smart kit minimises waste and ensures every last drop of adhesive is used where it should be. This versatile system is compatible with almost all flat roofing membranes too, so whatever the project, there’s a QDEK product for efficient, mess-free bonding. 

100% product used:

QDEK canister technology means no adhesive goes to waste. Unlike adhesives from a tin, the canister method utilises innovative dip tube technology to make sure every last drop of adhesive is used. QDEK canisters are resealable too – once opened they can be stored and used again for the next project. Say goodbye to half-used tins and embrace spray with QDEK! 

Total spray precision:

No overspray = no mess. QDEK systems deliver ultimate bonding precision by allowing the user full control and flexibility over application. How? Well, the gun’s spray width is completely adjustable and can be tailored from 1” to 20” depending on the job you’re working on. Not only does this reduce overspray, it minimises waste and gets the job done faster –  8x faster than a roller and bucket in fact! 

Designed for economic application:

The days of slapping on thick layers of adhesive with a brush are long gone! We believe in using as little product as possible to get the results you need. That’s why QDEK spray systems used pressurised gas to propel a light coat of adhesive to a substrate or membrane, delivering light, even coverage and minimising the amount of product you need to get the job done right. Once you make the switch to spray, trust us, you’ll never look back. 

Join the Roofing Revolution with QDEK

We’re serious about bringing the very best in bonding to roofing. That’s why we’ve developed high-performing adhesives to get the job done faster, cleaner and safer. If you want to learn more about innovative zero-waste solutions for flat roofing, contact us today. The QDEK team is always on hand to give sound advice and tips for getting the most out of our products.