The QDEK Guide to EPDM Bonding

Is EPDM your go-to membrane? It’s a flat roofing favourite for a whole host of reasons: durability, weather resistance, cost – to name just a few. EPDM is a long-lasting, synthetic rubber roofing membrane that offers high flexibility and excellent temperature resistance, making it perfect for all weathers and climates. 

In order for EPDM to reach its full potential and lifespan, it’s critical to use a purpose-designed adhesive when bonding this membrane. QDEK 2001 and QDEK 2003 roofing adhesives have been engineered to deliver unrivalled green strength for EPDM. These rapid drying, blister-resistant formulas flash-off in just minutes, guaranteeing ultra-strong bonds that will stand the test of time.

Covering a flat roof with EPDM? Read our blog for all you need to know about phenomenal EPDM bonding with QDEK:

The Benefits of EPDM

Weather-resistance: EPDM is the perfect membrane to withstand temperature fluctuations, UV radiation and wet weather. Unlike felt and bituminous membranes that bubble, crack and degrade over time, this rubber-based membrane offers maximum durability and strength.

Heat-resistance: The top choice for heat and fire-resistance, EPDM can slow down the progress of building fires.

Long lifespan: Due to it’s impressive resistance, EPDM lasts a lot longer than other membranes. Most suppliers provide a 20 year minimum lifespan, so it won’t require a re-roofing job anytime soon!

Low cost: One of the cheapest roofing membranes on the market, EPDM is the cost-effective choice for flat roofing.

Waterproof: This fully waterproof, moisture-repellant membrane is often fitted in a single sheet, reducing the amount of joins and seams that traditionally allow water to seep under the membrane. 

The QDEK EPDM Bonding Solutions

QDEK develops high performance industrial contract adhesives specifically for bonding EPDM to a variety of roof decks, including concrete, most insulation boards, plywood and cementitious boards.

Already available on the market are QDEK 2001 & QDEK 2003 – non -MECL formulas with excellent grab and ultra tough bondlines.

Rapid High Tack: Our rapid EPDM compatible adhesives flash-off in less than 2 minutes. The QDEK spray system utilises canister and gun technology to propel adhesive across a large area in consistent, even layers. This means you can get the job done 57% faster than you would with the traditional roller and bucket method.

Blister-Resistance: Blistering is the last thing you need if you’re installing a flat roof membrane. They’re caused by a lack of adhesion, and if left untreated they can grow larger and allow moisture to creep under the membrane. QDEK 2001 is fully blister resistant immediately after application and guarantees strong, reliable bonds between the membrane and roof substrate.

Controllable & Adjustable Application: The innovative QDEK spray systems are a fully-flexible adhesive solution, allowing up to 350M2 coverage in one pass. They are ergonomically designed to eliminate kneeling and bending too – so you can wave goodbye to aches, pains and dreaded work-related injuries too. 

Choose QDEK for Ultimate EPDM Bonding

The QDEK range covers all your flat roofing needs – our spray adhesives and primers are specially designed for the bonding of single ply membranes, insulation boards, self-adhesive membranes and vapour control layers. Available in 13.7L and 22L canister systems, our promise is simple: fast, clean and high coverage application.

We’re here to help and would love to hear from you! If you have any questions about our products then please get in touch with one of our experts, or view our full range of products here.