Stormproof Flat Roofing with QDEK

Torn-off roofs, collapsed buildings and widespread power outages: just a few of the catastrophic effects the UK is experiencing in the wake of Storm Arwen. With recovery efforts underway, it’s been made clear by the UK government that extreme weather is becoming more common, and it’s something all industries will need to begin serious preparations for in the future. 

It’s no secret that weather poses many challenges for roofers, with extreme temperatures and wet weather often hindering installation. But it’s wind that proves particularly problematic: often threatening the long-term integrity of flat roofs and causing disastrous damage if lifted, or worse blown off. 

Wind uplift isn’t a new problem though. In fact, it’s one of the first issues that the QDEK team outlined when developing our range of flat roofing adhesives. As an integral part of the single-ply roofing build-up, adhesives should stand up to all weather – storms included. 

What is wind uplift?

As wind approaches the side elevation of a building, the wind direction will be pushed upwards and accelerated. Roof damage is caused when the air pressure below the roof is greater than the air pressure above, resulting in increased air pressure acting on the roof and a net upward force pulling on the membrane.  In stormy weather, high winds can damage the integrity of a roofing system, causing cracks and openings and eventually lifting the membrane. 

Roofing Industry Wind Uplift Standards

In order to combat wind uplift, roofing industry standards are defined to help roofers calculate wind loads. The minimum standard for wind uplift is 4000 N/M2, meaning all roofing systems that can withstand this force are stable.

How QDEK Resists Wind Uplift

QDEK adhesives have been developed to withstand 6500-7000 N/M2, which is more than 50% stronger than the industry standard. Engineered to deliver exceptional green strength, our range of flat roofing adhesives offer ultra strong bonds that are guaranteed to endure stormy weather conditions and last the lifetime of the project.  

Powered by Quin Global, our team of in-house chemists are supported by the world’s largest spray canister manufacturer, so producing industry-defining adhesive formulations is our daily business. All QDEK spray adhesives flash-off in less than 5 minutes, resulting in super strength bonding performance and unrivalled grab.

Develop your winning adhesive formula with QDEK

We’re experts in adhesives and we know the industry inside out. We design and develop bespoke adhesives for waterproofing membrane manufacturers, as well as providing ready-made solutions to distributors. 

Whatever the membrane, we’ll find the adhesive solution that guarantees exceptional performance. Our in-house advisors are always on hand to give advice, tips and solutions to your bonding queries. 

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