QDEK Live Demos: In Case You Missed It

Our favourite part of the job has always been delivering live demos out on site. Getting hands-on with QDEK products helps us showcase the high-performing spray systems up close and personal with those who matter: roofers. Our clients and distributors value our ‘train the trainer’ approach and have always relished the opportunity to take part in our free training sessions and demonstrations. 

But as the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, face-to-face interaction was no longer possible and we had to adapt to new ways of educating QDEK users. We set ourselves up for digital skill sharing, prompting our inaugural series of live demos.  The live demo series is simply a chance to get to grips with QDEK roofing adhesive, ask questions and pick up some handy tips and tricks along the way. 

So far we’ve enjoyed two successful webinars, delivering insights to QDEK’s unique roofing adhesive solutions, as well as prompting valuable industry discussion and idea sharing. And it doesn’t stop there! Don’t worry if you’ve missed out, we have two more sessions coming up: QDEK Live Demos 2021/22 

Webinar 1 – Single Sides Membrane Spray Adhesives: Rapid Results, Real User Benefits

Our first webinar dived into the benefits of single sided QDEK adhesives. We took a close look at the advantages of spray over traditional methods: saving time, increasing coverage and offering a safer alternative to hotworking. As well as delivering a live demonstration of the application process, we discussed the cost-saving benefits of using QDEK on large commercial projects.

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Webinar 2 – VCL and Self Adhesive Membrane Primer: Eliminate Primer Wait Times

The second QDEK webinar of the series focussed on eliminating primer dry times. Our live demonstration showcased the rapid flash-off credentials of QDEK 2400, displaying the time-saving properties of this customer favourite adhesive. 

Want to learn more? Get in touch to arrange a customised training session for you and your team.

Upcoming Webinars: Book your spot today!

Our webinars are a totally cost-free way to find out all you need to know about QDEK. Our adhesive experts demonstrate QDEK products in action, all whilst providing insights into product selection, spray technologies, techniques and much more. 

Delivering webinar sessions live from the Quin Experience Centre in Perth, QDEK’s Leigh Mckenzie is a leading authority on spray adhesive technology: so you’ll be in expert company. The 30-minute Zoom sessions are super simple to join and a perfect opportunity to ask questions and find out more about QDEK adhesive innovation. Our upcoming webinars are:

  • Wednesday 17th November 2021, 11am – 11.30am: Single Ply Spray Contact Adhesive – Understanding How to Use for the Best Results 
  • Wednesday 19th January 2022, 11am – 11.30am: PVC Membrane Contact Adhesive – Choose Right to Eliminate the Goo

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