Innovation That’s Through the Roof: QDEK Roofing Adhesive

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Here at QDEK Roofing Adhesives, we’re passionate about those ‘eureka’ moments: the bright ideas that give birth to fresh products and innovative approaches. In our latest blog, we lift the lid to give our followers a sneak peek at what we’re doing behind the scenes to pioneer real change in the world of roofing adhesives. Check it out!

When we say we’re committed to making flat roofing faster, easier and smarter, we mean it. The QDEK concept was driven by a forward-thinking chemist who saw the need for cleaner, safer processes in the installation of flat roofing membranes, and we’re keeping that spirit of innovation alive. We’re driving a revolution in roofing, and we want you to become a part of it.

QDEK: Where Roofing Innovation Begins

From reducing the health impact of spray adhesives to tackling their impact on climate change, we recognise that there’s lots of work to be done. However, as a Quin Global adhesive brand, we’re spearheading fresh ideas that will fundamentally transform how we think about and work with roofing adhesives. Our approach to innovation is going through the roof – here’s just a few reasons why:

Innovation #1: Roofing’s Leading Knowledge Centre

We’re more than just a roofing adhesive supplier. Years spent working with roofing systems highlighted a glaring need for an online space for roofers to get essential info on adhesive selection, application and general bonding processes. 

With our extensive team of adhesive engineers, chemists and flat roofing specialists, we’re innovating and meeting that need by serving our industry as the sector’s leading knowledge resource, sharing accessible advice and top tips via our dedicated blog and YouTube channel. We even share helpful tips and advice through our range of social media channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.  

We’re passionate in our belief that knowledge has to be shared. So, don’t hold back – check out our range of knowledge resources and feel free to reach out to us to answer any of your questions.

Innovation #2: Digital Demos & Expert Training 

Since the very inception of QDEK Roofing Adhesives, we’ve set ourselves apart in the market by creating innovative spray adhesives that are fast-acting and easy–to-use. However, we continue to explore even more new ways to make our customers’ experiences even easier from their very first time using our products.

Born during the COVID-19 pandemic and now thriving in 2022, QDEK Training Demos are setting a new gold standard in training, advice and industry insights. We deliver a ‘train the trainer’ approach, giving our many customers the chance to take parrot in free training sessions and product demonstrations.

You’ve heard of digital training sessions. But what makes ours so innovative in the roofing space? It’s simple: we combine practical demonstration and idea sharing to bring our user’s knowledge and confidence to new heights. Delivered live from the Experience Centre at Quin Global, it’s no surprise that our sessions are in high demand. To book your free online training slot, contact us

Innovation #3: Driving the Future in Membrane Compatibility 

The world of flat roofing is evolving, and we’re driving research and innovation to make sure that our adhesives are staying well ahead of the curve. Increasing in complexity as time progresses, flat roofing represents varied work where a ‘one membrane fits all’ approach will simply never work. In order to meet this unique challenge, our adhesive development team has engineered a definitive range of adhesives that are compatible with virtually all membranes, from EPDM and PVC to TPO to bituminous and self-adhesives.

Whatever the membrane you’re working with, we’ve got an acutely engineered system that will guarantee exceptional performance: simple. What’s more, we’re designing these adhesives that will guarantee that performance whilst increasing safety, efficiency and application speed across the board. 

Innovation #4: Reducing Waste and Driving Sustainability 

If events of the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that the roofing industry must increase its efforts ten-fold to tackle the current climate crisis. With this challenge in-mind, the brains behind QDEK roofing adhesives are hard at work in championing solutions that are cleaner, more sustainable and conducive to low waste levels. Here’s how:

Economic design: Unlike any other spray adhesive supplier, we’ve combined years of experience and expertise to remove waste from the roofing equation. Our dip tube technology ensures that 100% of the product is used, with resealable canisters used to store the adhesive safely until it’s time for the next project. Meanwhile, our total spray precision reduces overspray. Once you make the swap to spray, you’ll never look back!

Supporting green roofing: Green roofing is on the rise, with the UK seeing an annual increase of 17% in adoption. However, as this trend continues, it is imperative that roofing adhesive adapts to ensure a sustainable future in green roofing. Fortunately, QDEK green roofing adhesives like QDEK 2000 offer moisture and weather resistance, helping society enjoy those green roofing benefits like cleaner air, sustainable draining and combating the urban heat island effect. 

Innovation #5: Bespoke Adhesive Engineering with Waterproofing Membrane Manufacturers 

Whilst we’re passionate about providing roofing contractors with products that are speedier, safer and more efficient, we’re equally passionate about collaborating with waterproofing membrane manufacturers to develop smart solutions to today’s roofing challenges. Through our Dream, Develop, Deliver service, we’re leading the way in designing products to specific membrane compatibility and application requirements for private label clients.

Our mission is to encourage ambitious targets for waterproofing manufacturers to strive to from the outset. We’ll do this by mapping out objectives and determining how to develop excellence in partnership with your business. Once we’ve outlined your objectives, QDEK chemists develop products and formulas tailored to your needs. All products are engineered in the QDEK Innovation Centre, where they undergo a programme of rigorous testing and are refined to industry-leading standards. Finally, QDEK will be on hand every step of the way to train & support your business to deliver the finished product with confidence.

Got an adhesive idea in mind? Struggling to find a solution to a unique roofing challenge? Don’t stress: Dream, Develop & Deliver instead!

Our story of innovation is only just beginning. Watch this space – the future is QDEK!

Join the Innovation Journey at QDEK

The roofing revolution has only just begun, and now we want you to become part of it. To browse our full range of innovative roofing solutions, click here. Alternatively, to learn more about our Dream, Develop, Deliver service, click here. To reach out to one of our trusted advisors, contact us or reach out to UK Category Sales Manager Leigh McKenzie directly via