Dream, Develop, Deliver: Bespoke Adhesive Engineering with QDEK

The QDEK guarantee is simple: rapid, high-coverage bonding solutions that will stand the test of time. We deliver this pledge by developing industry-defining adhesives and high-performing equipment: both designed specific to membrane compatibility and application requirements.

If you’re in the roofing business, you’ve probably already heard about QDEK, but did you know we’re a leading supplier of bespoke adhesives for private label clients too? We work with waterproofing membrane manufacturers to engineer bonding systems tailored to their exact specification and requirements. 

Powered by Quin Global: Our team of in-house chemists are supported by adhesive innovators Quin Global. With years of experience as the world’s largest spray canister manufacturer, we have the expertise to produce market-leading formulations for your business. Here’s how we do it:


From the outset, we encourage waterproofing manufacturers to map out ambitious targets to strive towards with their unique formulation. We’ll understand your requirements, from membrane compatibility and green strength to temperature resistance and VOC contents, and work with your brand to transform your dream vision into an exceptional product.


With a firm grasp of your objectives, QDEK chemists develop products and formulas tailored to your requirements. All products undergo a programme of rigorous testing and refinement in QDEK’s world-leading laboratories. We prioritise industry compliance and pledge a first-rate safety guarantee with every product and formula we design and manufacture. 


QDEK will be on hand every step of the way to train & support your business to deliver the finished product with confidence. Not only do we develop strategies to bring your exclusive roofing system to market, we’ll take it that step further and provide on-site training to ensure the product is being used to its full potential in the field.

Design Your Adhesive with QDEK

Collaborate with QDEK for unsurpassable flat roofing bonding solutions. From membrane compatibility and flash-off times, to green strength and temperature resistance – our trusted advisors will determine the right solution to guarantee success for your business. To find out more, reach out to QDEK category manager Leigh McKenzie via leigh.mckenzie@quinglobal.com or contact us here.