Develop All-Weather Adhesives Solutions with QDEK

Nothing affects the flat roofing industry more than the weather. It’s the number one cause of damaged and worn out roofing membranes, but it’s also the biggest obstacle when it comes to project progression and completion. As flat roofing is an all-year-round profession, the tools and equipment used in the flat roofing industry need to stand up to these challenges and perform in all conditions. 

Low temperatures and adhesives don’t traditionally work well together. Often, when adhesives are used in cold conditions, they underperform. From longer flash-off times and weakened bonds, to foaming and blistering, the cold weather effects are serious and can damage the long-term integrity of the roofing system. QDEK has solutions to combat this problem and drive real change in the roofing industry.

How we work with waterproofing membrane manufacturers

Did you know QDEK is a leading supplier of bespoke adhesives for private label clients? We work together with waterproofing membrane manufacturers to engineer bonding systems tailored to their needs. From the outset, we outline exact specifications and requirements that our clients want to achieve with their unique spray adhesive, and then we go through a process of innovation to develop a market-leading formulation that’s guaranteed to perform exactly how it’s intended.

QDEK All-Weather Adhesive Formulas

As waterproof membrane manufacturers long products that respond to industry problems: QDEK have the expertise to design and develop the resolution. Powered by Quin Global, our team of in-house chemists are supported by the world’s largest spray canister manufacturer, so producing industry-defining adhesive formulations is our daily business.

The most common problems with traditional flat roofing adhesives are:

  • Blistering
  • Foaming
  • Weakened bonds
  • Longer flash-off times
  • Failed curing
  • Increased viscosity of formula

Adhesive work must continue in cold conditions, so spray formulas that are engineered for all-weather applications provide the high-performance guarantee that roofing contractors need. 

QDEK develops exceptional adhesive solutions that perform phenomenally in all conditions. Unlike other adhesives on the market, QDEK formulas won’t foam if exposed to lower temperatures. Our spray adhesives will flash-off successfully in temperatures as low as 5°C, provided the canisters are stored in optimal conditions – above 10°C.

QDEK adhesives are blister-resistant and promise strong bond lines in cooler weather. Unlike traditional roller and bucket application, our adhesives are designed to function in low temperatures and will never compromise on green strength. 

Develop your winning adhesive formula with QDEK

We’re experts in adhesives and we know the industry inside out. We design and develop bespoke adhesives for waterproofing membrane manufacturers, as well as providing ready-made solutions to distributors. 

Whatever the membrane, we’ll find the adhesive solution that guarantees exceptional performance. Our in-house advisors are always on hand to give advice, tips and solutions to your bonding queries. 

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