The Ultimate Cost-Cutting Roofing Adhesive

Keeping costs down is the number one priority for any roofing contractor. It’s an industry that doesn’t have static fixed costs: project requirements and expectations can change with the weather – quite literally! But QDEK roofing adhesives have been designed with the number one aim to provide cost-effective adhesive solutions for roofers. By developing a smart spray adhesive system, we’ve cut costs, eliminated waste and provided the fastest adhesive application on the market. 

Save Time, Save Money

Did you know QDEK is 57% faster than traditional flat roofing methods? Our innovative spray system utilises pressurised gas to propel the adhesive, promoting wide coverage and speedy application. Boasting flash-off times of less than 2 minutes, compared with the usual 25 minutes wait for a roll-on adhesive to dry, it’s easy to see why QDEK is rapidly becoming the number one choice for roofers. 

With a complete range of adhesives for all flat roofing membranes, including single-sided adhesives that spray directly onto the roof deck, QDEK are even eradicating the need to apply adhesive to the membrane which in turn has sliced application time in half!  

Our high-performance guns are engineered for ultimate speed and precision:

Detail Gun

Perfect for small areas, the QDEK Detail Gun is engineered for precision. For those smaller areas where close attention to adhesive coat weight is important, this gun will provide uniform coverage in seconds.

Field Gun

Optimised for large area work, the QDEK Field Gun offers vast coverage and completely eliminates the need for bending and kneeling. This ergonomic kit doesn’t just offer users a more comfortable experience though, it delivers fast, high-coverage adhesive applications that will help you finish the job in a fraction of the time.

Extensive Coverage

When we say high-coverage, we mean it: up to 600mm spray width in a single pass. With the simple pull of a trigger, spray adhesives yield a perfectly flat and even layer of adhesive onto the desired membrane. It’s impossible to achieve this level of uniformity with a roll-on, that’s what inspired the QDEK team to develop an innovative spray system that guarantees consistent, reliable results every time. What’s more, a 22L QDEK canister can cover up to a whopping 350M2! By applying a smooth and stable layer of adhesive across a wide area, you’ll get far more bang for your buck.

Zero Waste

Cost-cutting is all about efficiency. When it comes to QDEK adhesives, a little goes a very long way. As the gas-propelled adhesive mix produces a fine layer of glue  onto the roofing membrane, it’s clear just how much excess product is wasted in traditional roll-on applications. One of the biggest draw-backs with the roller and bucket method is excess product usage, often resulting in messy clean-up operations. 

Here at QDEK, we’re driven by sustainability and strive to develop products that boast zero-waste credentials. All QDEK spray systems offer full control and flexibility on application: allowing the user to tailor the spray width from 1” to 20” depending on the requirements of the job. As our canisters are completely reusable, once opened they can be stored safely ready for the next project, which means no QDEK adhesive will ever go to waste.

Start Cutting Costs with QDEK Today

Flat roofing isn’t an industry that operates in isolation. With builders, scaffolders and a whole host of contractors all relying on each other to get the job done, it’s no secret that delays result in chaos and spiralling costs. QDEK spray roofing adhesives have transformed the day-to-day operation of flat roofing; offering rapid, high-coverage bonding solutions that are guaranteed to last.

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