Roofing Insights: Complete Membrane Compatibility with QDEK

The flat roofing sphere is evolving. As professionals demand a cleaner and safer approach to adhesive engineering, they’re also looking for solutions that work across the board. We know that flat roofing is varied work and it’s never a ‘one membrane fits all’ kind of job. That’s why we’ve engineered adhesives that are compatible with all membranes: EPDM, PVC, TPO, bituminous, self-adhesive… the list goes on. 

Not only do we have products already on the market for specific membrane types, we also develop bespoke solutions to waterproofing membrane manufacturers. We design industry-defining adhesives and equipment to specific membrane compatibility and application requirements. Our team of in-house chemists are supported by adhesive innovators at Quin Global, so we have the expertise to develop market-leading formulations that you can trust. 

What membranes are compatible with QDEK adhesives?

EPDM: One of the most common flat roofing membranes, EPDM is heat resistant, weather resistant & easy to apply. We design high performance industrial contract adhesives specifically for bonding EPDM to a variety of roof decks, including concrete, most insulation boards, plywood and cementitious boards. Already available on the market are QDEK 2001 & QDEK 2003 – non -MECL formulas with excellent grab and ultra tough bondlines. 

TPO/FPO: Providing high reflectivity, TPO/FPO are energy efficient choices that are growing in popularity in singly ply roofing. QDEK develops TPO/FPO compatible adhesives that boast excellent green strength and high heat resistance. Our TPO/FPO adhesives are resistant to blistering and perform on both field and detail areas. Already popular with roofers, QDEK 2000 & QDEK 2001 are TPO/FPO compatible adhesives that boast fast high tack and unbeatable bonds.

Plain PVC: PVC is durable, wind resistant, watertight and eco-friendly – that’s why it’s one of the most commonly used membranes in flat roofing. QDEK develops high performance contact adhesives that guarantee tough bonds for PVC on a variety of roof decks including concrete, most insulation boards, plywood and cementitious boards. 

Bituminous: A favorite for waterproofing, bituminous membranes have a long life expectancy and strong resistance to punctures, scratches and impact damage.  QDEK engineers non-chlorinated, high performance adhesives specifically for use on asphalt/bituminous surfaces. Our solutions are 100% plasticiser resistant, meaning they resist the oils and chemicals present in bituminous materials. What’s more, they’re applied straight to the roof deck, delivering tough bond lines in rapid time. 

Insulation: We develop foam adhesives specifically for insulation board bonding in flat roof applications. Successful bonds are achieved when bonding ISO boards, tissue faced insulation boards, PIR and PUR boards to a variety of roof decks. Our adhesives are compatible with a range of substrates from concrete, plywood and cementitious boards. We also develop EPS/XPS compatible adhesives that adhere insulation boards to existing felt for re-roof applications.

Currently popular on the market, QDEK 3000 & QDEK 3001 are roof insulation adhesives that promise tough bonds and even remove the need for fasteners, meaning you won’t have to worry about puncturing the membrane. We also have  QDEK 9000 & QDEK 9001, approved by Kingspan for compatibility with the popular OPTIM-R® system. 

Green Roofs: Growing in popularity, green roofs are the eco-friendly future of urban flat roofing. We’ve pioneered research and development to present green roofing with solutions that work. QDEK 2000 is a versatile adhesive that provides moisture resistance, ultra-tough bond lines and unbeatable flash-off times. It’s green roof compatible and designed to support the sustainable future of urban flat roofing. 

Develop your winning adhesive formula with QDEK

We’re experts in adhesives and we know the industry inside out. We design and develop bespoke adhesives for waterproofing membrane manufacturers, as well as providing ready-made solutions to distributors. Whatever the membrane, we’ll find the adhesive solution that guarantees exceptional performance. Our in-house advisors are always on hand to give advice, tips and solutions to your bonding queries. For more information, get in touch with category manager Leigh McKenzie, or complete our contact form.

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