Bespoke Adhesive Engineering, Designed to Specification

As waterproofing membrane manufacturers respond to changing expectations and requirements from contractors, it’s never been more critical to develop adhesive formulas that meet the needs of the current market. With roofing professionals demanding a cleaner, faster and safer approach to adhesive engineering & application, they expect waterproofing membrane manufacturers to supply innovative solutions.

Whether it’s low-VOC and green roofing compatible formulas, or high green strength and weather-resistant roofing adhesives: a bespoke adhesive is critical for the long term success and integrity of a flat roofing system. Our dedicated ‘Dream, Develop, Deliver’ client pathway has been developed over a number of years to guarantee exceptional adhesive compatibility and performance. 

Who are QDEK?

QDEK design and manufacture industry-defining adhesives and equipment to specific membrane compatibility and application requirements. Our specialist team of in-house chemists are supported by adhesive innovators at Quin Global, providing market-leading formulations that you can trust. 

We build partnerships with waterproofing membrane manufacturers to provide custom adhesives tailored to enhance the performance of new or existing roofing systems. By developing specific adhesives each layer of the roofing system, QDEK adhesives providing compatibility with all types of single ply roof membranes:

  • EPDM
  • Bituminous
  • PVC
  • Green Roofs
  • Insulation Board
  • Primers

Why should Waterproofing Membrane Manufacturers work with QDEK?

Here at QDEK, we’re pioneers in spray adhesive technology. By developing cleaner formulas and safer alternatives, we’re paving the way to eliminating the risks that traditional solvents pose. In taking steps to remove unfavourable compounds like dichloromethane, QDEK chemists are trailblazing in the development of non-chlorinated formulas and the reduction of carcinogenic elements and VOCs traditionally found in spray adhesives. 

But that’s not all: QDEK adhesives provide rapid flash-off times, high coverage and unrivalled green strength. In fact, our spray formulas are 57% faster than traditional roll-on methods, with one 22L canister providing up to 350M2 coverage, with zero waste or mess when used.

What does ‘Dream, Develop, Deliver’ actually mean?

The QDEK ‘Dream, Develop, Deliver’ pathway provides a streamlined, target-driven journey for the development of bespoke adhesive development and manufacturing. It’s a three-phase approach where we work closely with our clients to provide full visibility into the process: including visual maps and guides, testing overviews, project timescales, compatibility reports and much more. Here’s how it works:

Dream Phase

From the very beginning, we work with waterproofing membrane manufacturers and OEMs to uncover their broad vision and aspirations for their flat roofing system. We’ll talk through your long-term plans and map out the existing goals – then we can begin to see where the custom-designed adhesive can enhance the existing or developing roofing system. 

In this phase, we assess how the current roofing system works and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the current adhesives that are supported with the system. By getting to grips with the challenges of current adhesives, we can start to address the weaknesses and build a criteria for success.

It’s called the dream phase for a reason: we dream big. Once we understand the challenges you’re facing, we start to address them by devising an ambitious strategy for your bespoke adhesive. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach – we get to know what makes our clients tick. Only then can we encourage the conceptualisation of their dream vision, which we map out in fine detail in a target-oriented development plan.


Once we move into the development phase of a bespoke roofing adhesive, we begin by determining the scope of the project. The first decision is always whether the waterproofing membrane manufacturer requires a brand new adhesive, or if it’s more appropriate to refine an existing QDEK formulation to fulfil the needs of the client. The expert team at Quin will provide insights to guide this first step in the process. 

As the development stage progresses, a comprehensive testing programme will begin in both in-house and external certified laboratories. We prioritise industry compliance and pledge a first-rate safety guarantee with every product and formula we design and manufacture. That’s why we undertake a series of essential tests to ensure the integrity of the adhesive, including:

Peel testing: measuring the strength of the bond between a substrate and the material being peeled off (known as the adherend). This peel strength is expressed as the load required to separate the adherend from the substrate, per unit width of the bond.

Sheer testing: determining the shear strength of a material. It measures the maximum shear stress that may be sustained before a material will rupture.

Climatic testing: environmental stress testing that recreates in a controlled setting all environmental/weather conditions a product could conceivably encounter.

Wind uplift testing: simulating the effects of wind on membrane roof assemblies, ensuring your product withstands wind uplift forces over time

When both parties are satisfied with the final product, we review the application methods and deliver a programme to refine the application process or develop a new method where necessary to ensure maximum bonding performance.

By choosing to develop a flat roofing adhesive with Quin, you can take advantage of our inbuilt innovation programme, research and development expertise and industry testing scheme. With decades of experience in the adhesive industry, the QDEK pathway ensures the very best product and application methods that promise unrivalled compatibility with flat roofing systems.

Deliver Phase

The QDEK team will be on hand every step of the way to train & support your business to deliver the finished product with confidence. Not only do we develop strategies to bring your exclusive roofing system to market, we’ll take it that step further and provide on-site training to ensure the product is being used to its full potential in the field.

QDEK provides branding for all adhesives we develop, including labels, technical data sheets and material safety data sheets. Our expert training programme consists of a full session of demos, tests and 1-1 training on-site so you can fully understand every step of the application process. We also deliver world-class training at the QDEK Experience Centre: demonstrating every aspect of the system, spraying adhesives onto the full range of membranes and substrates that single ply roofers deal with in their day-to-day work.

In response to the challenges of the pandemic, we’ve adapted our delivery phase to incorporate digital learning too. For socially distant sessions, we can deliver expert training remotely via Microsoft Teams. So location doesn’t have to be a worry, wherever you’re based, we can offer virtual sessions to equip you with the knowledge and skills to use QDEK adhesives with confidence.

The QDEK technical support package doesn’t end at the delivery stage. We’re on-hand to assist with every question, query or concern you may have when the adhesive goes to market and beyond.

Develop your winning adhesive formula with QDEK

We’re experts in adhesives and we know the industry inside out. We design and develop bespoke adhesives for waterproofing membrane manufacturers, as well as providing ready-made solutions to distributors. 

Whatever the membrane, we’ll find the adhesive solution that guarantees exceptional performance. Our in-house advisors are always on hand to give advice, tips and solutions to your bonding queries. 

For more information, get in touch with category manager Leigh McKenzie, or complete our contact form.

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